The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to inform You which of Your personal data is collected by the Foundation while visiting the Website.

The Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Terms of the Website, therefore, by agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of the Website and using the Website, You give Your consent to the provisions of the Privacy Policy as well.

The Privacy Policy, the collection and processing of Your personal data by the Foundation are regulated by the RA legislation. All other definitions/terms used in the Privacy Policy have the meaning set forth in the Terms, unless otherwise specified in the Privacy Policy.

The Foundation, highly appreciating and valuing the support that each of You have given, in practice takes every effort to collect only those Your personal data, which are necessary to make it possible to use the Website and make a donation through it.

Foundation assures that as a result of using the Website and making donation through it, Your collected personal data will be regulated upon strict observance of the requirements defined by the RA legislation, will be used only for implementations of the Foundation’s purposes, will not be sold or transferred to any person on any grounds not provided for in the Privacy Policy.

First of all, the Website is created to inform the public about the Foundations charter purposes, to be implemented programs. Therefore, due to the generally comprehensible character of the Website, You do not need to register or create an account on the Website for visiting the Website and being acquainted with its content.

However, in order to track your use of the Website, complete the data on the usage and number of visits of the Website, as well as to improve the functional opportunities of the Website and develop new tools, the Website uses special automated technologies for receiving information and its tracking, such as cookies and logs.

A cookie is a small data that upon Your permission is stored on Your computer’s hard drive when you visit the Website. The Foundation does not use cookies to collect personal data, but it is intended solely to track visits to the Website, as well as the movement of donations through the Website. Many browsers have function of turning off or blocking cookies, but, upon visiting the Website without turning those off, You will improve the efficiency and convenience of the Website.

Regarding the log files, the Website collects and stores certain information in them, such as your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), platform type, general information obtained day / hour for aggregate use.

Through the Website You could also make donations to the Foundation upon supporting the financing of the Foundation’s programs. Therefore, for making donations through the Website from You will be required to provide the following information: name, surname, email address, residence address.

Upon Your wish, You could choose the option of public donation, in which case the information about your donation will be published on the Website, in particular Your name, surname, the amount of donation, the date of making donation (hour, day, month, year).

In case of making anonymous donation, in order to ensure the transparency and accountability of the Foundation’s activities, only the amount of the donation, the date of making donation (hour, day, month, year) will be published on the Website and by making a donation, You give Your consent to the publication of the mentioned information.

In order to make donation through the Website for transfer of required monetary means, in the respective section of the Website You need to fill in Your bank account or Your bank card number or Your digital payment system details depending on Your payment method. Donations subject to be made through the website are serviced by “Ameriabank”
CJSC, which you will see when making a donation. In order to observe the transfer of monetary means, security measures are used and provided by Your side Your bank details remain unknown to the Foundation, their confidentiality is regulated by the privacy policy of the respective bank.

The data collected by the Foundation are used exclusively for the following purposes:
  • to improve the functional efficiency of the Website, taking into account the specifics of your browser and computer;
  • public awareness;
  • for collection of statistic data on the Website usage and made donations;
  • for news subscription;
  • to consider applications, complaints, suggestions presented by You;
  • to ensure accountability of the Foundation’s activities and to ensure public awareness about it.

In order to ensure the Foundation’s activities, the personal data collected by the Foundation and / or the information provided by You, may be disclosed by the Foundation to its staff members, the parties providing services to the Foundation under a service contract, as well as to the RA state and judicial bodies in cases defined by the RA legislation.

The Foundation continuously carries out all technical and organizational work, inserts the most efficient and secure systems of information collection and observance for protection of the received personal data from loss, illegal use, changes and to protect its confidentiality. However, in practice, it is not possible to guarantee complete information security on the Internet or computer telecommunication platforms, so we urge you to be careful when sharing personal data on online platforms.
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