Welcome to the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), operated by “ENTHEOBLISS” healthcare foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation” and/or “We” and it’s all cases). Through the Website you can get acquainted with the goals of the Foundation’s activities and to contribute to their implementation by making donations.

Please read carefully and get acquainted with the Terms, as well as Privacy Policy available by the following link https://www.entheobliss.com/privacy-policy

This terms and conditions of Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) regulates the terms of use of the Website and procedure and conditions of making donations to the
Foundation through the Website by the visitors of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “Your” and it’s all cases). Privacy Policy as an integral part of the Terms (hereinafter referred to as “the Privacy Policy”) regulates the procedure and conditions of processing/using Your personal data provided by Your side to the Foundation.

Therefore, before using the Website, please read carefully and get acquainted with the Terms, as well as Privacy Policy available by the following link. Upon entering to the Website and using it You confirm that You have fully read, got acquainted and understood all the provisions of the Terms and the Privacy Policy, agree and accept that for You they have binding legal force and in case of using the Website You should be guided by the Terms.

If you do not agree with or do not accept one of the provisions of the Terms and the Privacy Policy, please refrain from using the Website, otherwise, even using the Website on this conditions, You fully accept legally binding character of the Terms and the Privacy Policy.

In case of question regarding the Terms and the Privacy Policy, for receiving additional information or clarification on this matter please, contact Us by the below-mentioned contact details.

The Terms and the Privacy Policy have been drawn up based on the Republic of Armenia (RA) legislation, therefore, in case of any disputes and inconsistency on the provisions of the latter, the RA legislation is applicable to them.

For the purposes to support programs in the field of healthcare directly or indirectly implemented by the Foundation, upon visiting “Make Donation” section of the Website and following the instructions in the mentioned section You could make donation in any amount in the favor
of the Foundation. Upon making a donation You definitely realize and give Your consent that the Foundation could use the donation made by You on its own discretion, but in any case only for the realization of Foundation’s charter purposes.

Through the Website, the donations could be made by bank payment card or by other payment systems. Upon making donation You could be requested with the following information: Your name, surname, email address, residence address, banking details, bank card details and Your requisites from another payment system You use to make a payment.

Upon providing the mentioned information, You reserve the Foundation with the right to transfer it to the bank, serving the respective bank account of the Foundation, for the purposes of future serving the donation transaction.
Foundation does not bear any liability for processing/using data provided by Your side by the bank, which serves the respective bank account of the Foundation.

Therefore, until making donation, please get acquainted with the Privacy Policy of that bank, so You could be sure how they will process Your personal and payment data.

For making donation through the Website, entering the required information and their confirmation constitutes concluding the donation agreement between You and the Foundation, which is governed by the relevant provisions regulating the legal relations in respect of the donation envisaged by the Terms and RA legislation.

By making the necessary payment for the donation, You confirm, that
  • the information, provided by Your side are correct, complete and actual
  • You are entitled to make a donation, use a bank card (s) used for the donation or other payment system method (s)
  • the amount of donation has legal origin.

The Foundation, aiming to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of its activities, has a right to refuse accepting your donation and to reject concluding a donation transaction in case of any doubt regarding the above-mentioned assurances given by You.

The Foundation doesn’t bear any liability for refusing the implementation of donation transaction by the bank, serving Your bank card / account, as well as any problems that may
arise in this regard, for finding out the reasons and grounds for their occurrence, We urge you to contact the bank, serving your bank card / account or payment system.

The Foundation has the right to, without giving retrospective effect, from time to time, in any time to change, complement the Terms and the Privacy Policy. Each amendment with its date of implementation will be published in the Website
and no additional steps will be taken by the Foundation to notify You in this regard.

Therefore, please visit the Website from time to time and be acquainted with the latest version of the Terms and the Privacy Policy to find out if they are acceptable for You.

If you continue to use the Website after the publication of the revised version of the Terms and/or the Privacy Policy, You are giving Your consent to the new edition thereof,
simultaneously accepting its legally binding character for You.

Upon using the Website, You realize and accept that Foundation does not provide any medical services and the materials published in the Website have only informative nature and in any way they aren’t considered as professional medical advice, care and aren’t intended for use therein.

You, accepting the Terms of the Website simultaneously accept and realize that Foundation, its founders, members of the board of the trustees, executives, employees does not guaranty the reliability, completeness or usefulness of any content on the Website.

Consequently, for the purposes to receive professional medical care and serving, as well as to select the medical methods to be applied to you, to change them and to evaluate their effectiveness, We urge and encourage You to
apply to specialized and licensed medical institutions.

On the Website You can find links to other websites, the content of which is not controlled by the Foundation and the Foundation is not responsible for the content of those websites. Simultaneously, the presence of links on the
Website does not necessarily imply guarantying by the Foundation of materials published on those websites and / or approval of the content published therein.

Upon using the Website You surely realize that the Foundation is right holder of any of the material contained in it including but not limited to texts, images, sounds, reports and their part or they are used by the Foundation with the
permission of their right holder.

Giving Your consent to the Terms, as well as any provision of the Terms and Conditions is not considered and in any case can not be interpreted as the provision of a license by the Foundation to You for the use of any material or it’s part of the Website.

Therefore, the use of any material published on the Website or any part thereof for commercial purposes without the prior permission of the Foundation is prohibited.

However, in any case, the materials published on the Website or parts thereof may be used only for personal purposes with the condition that they are not subject to be changed and when using them, the author and source will be indicated.

The Foundation does not have the authority to grant permission to use the copyrighted materials or any part of them to other persons published on the Website, and such permission should be requested directly from the right holder of the relevant material or its part.

The Foundation is not responsible in the following cases:
  • when without Your consent your payment or personal information has been used by third parties for making donations through the Website;
  • for any harm, loss, or adverse consequences caused to You or Your health as a result of Your use of the Website content by You or third parties;
  • when the bank serving your bank card / account pr payment system refuses to make the payment, the donation transaction does not take place, but at the same time a certain amount of money is deducted from your account;
  • when the bank serving the relevant bank account of the Foundation has violated the terms and conditions of your personal and bank data;
  • for the reliability, trustworthiness and accessibility of the content of other websites with the links published on the Foundation&Website;
  • in the event when your personal or banking data becomes available to third parties in any form;
  • for temporary inaccessibility and failure of the Website due to technical problems beyond Our control.

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